We are located on Triangelen on Østerbro in Copenhagen. You will find us between seven-elleven and the Burger restaurant, just on the oppisite side of the busstop. Call us if you have any trouble finding us. 

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Nearby Places to Go


Fælledparken is Copenhagens largest park. It is a very popular and versatile park, which invites both physical activity and relaxation in the sun. Football is played on the fields, dog are walked here and children are playing on the playgrounds. It is a nice place to go for a run, as there are plenty of running trails here too. The park is also used for large events such as Carnival and the 1st of May, which is Denmarks International Workers' Day.  


The lakes in Copenhagen are a central place in the middel of town that combines the differet parts of the city in a beautiful way. The lakes are very popular meeting place for Copenhageners and is a nice place to go for a run or drink coffee on one of the many cafees along the lakeside. The lakes consist of three large lakes, and the trip around all them 6,35 km. 


Østerbrogade is Østerbros main street and beating heart. The street has many different things to offer, from grocery shopping, clothing stores to conceptstores and a movie theater. In the beginning of 2020 the Metro Station openend here on Østerbro, and there are two stops that leads directly to Østerbrogade. There are many restaurant, cafees and takeaway restaurants here as well, where you can find a good meal or lunch to-go. You are always welcome to come by the office if you need any tips or recommendations.